Personal Representation

Personal representation is an important aspect of our practice, which is, as previously mentioned, emphasized and strongly oriented to create and offer solutions, alternatives, financial and fiscal strategies and planning on behalf of high net-worth individuals and families. Some of our services include:

  • Comprehensive capital, estate and asset management and planning at short, medium and long terms, through the use of offshore corporations, private foundations and/or trusts in Panama, Lebanon, the Caribbean and Europe, designed to control real estate property and other assets and reduce transfer taxes over several generations.
  • Structuring of privately or family held businesses to reduce the risk of potential liabilities of family business interests, secure future control of assets within the family and at the same time, reduce transfer taxes as well.
  • Planning designed to provide continued and independent existence and liquidity of an estate, after a principal owner’s disability or death, to support surviving spouse and/or family members, mitigate estate taxes over property and facilitate or avoid unnecessary probate.
  • Planning designed to provide an effective family asset management and/or estate distribution vehicle during the lifetime (“inter- vivos”) and/or after the death (“post-mortem”) of principal, through the creation and organization of family held private foundations and trusts benefiting both family members or charity.

Other aspects of our practice representing individuals is dedicated to counseling and helping clients in family law matters, including pre-nuptial agreements, divorces, custody, adoptions, wills and probate proceedings.